studio and apartment

tar and paint

on the frozen river

Monday 1 February 2010

I've discovered tar and its amazing to work with. It comes from the trees and was the main industry here for many years. It was sent all over the world mainly to glue the wood in boats. The smell cures everything along with vodka and saunas and if none of these work ...it is your time.  Have been listening to talks on the radio and podcasts from the Tate - a fantastic resource - and key thoughts stick in my mind. One of which is 'wilderness is a state of mind' from the 'Wilderness to Wasteland' talk.  For whatever reason this is resonating with me as I move through this snowbound landscape with a frozen river  that at the same time has neatly laid out houses and hey - I've found my first caravan ! Enjoy........Veronica
PS. To Linda... as it happens I am reading Tove Jansson - The True Deceiver - yes very apt...

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