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on the frozen river

Sunday, 21 February 2010

trip to southern lapland

Have returned from a trip up north to Roveniemi with my partner Jane and so glad to get back to the studio and apartment and see my new finnish friends - it feels like home.  KulttuuriKauppila is a very special place and the residency is having such a creative impact. Today the temperature with windchill is minus 35 and the photos that follow I hope give a feel of what its like being in sub zero temperatures. Most of them are taken in Syote where we also visited and its a landscape that is enchanting and scary, particularly when lost.  We learnt to cross country ski and off we went into the frozen wilderness....

the point where we are seriously lost

we make a decision....

and finally we reach a landmark and know our sense of direction was right...

frozen but relieved !

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